May 2009
Part of a joint project of CASLT and the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (CAAL).

The language of the title indicates the language of the video. Note that the video might also contain some English or French as well as the main language.

Project-Based Learning and Pedagogy in Teacher Training for English Language Learning – Hetty Roessingh and Wendy Chambers

CAAL 2009 Roessingh ChambersYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

Innovations and Challenges in L2 Teacher Education: A View from New Brunswick – Joseph Dicks

CAAL 2009 DICKS JosephYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

Engagement with Francophile and Francophone Communities as FSL Teacher Education –Razika Sanaoui

CAAL 2009 SANAOUI RazikaYouTube

Les stages d’enseignement consécutifs en fin de formation initiale et le développement de compétences professionnelles : avantages et défis – Barry Rowe and Annie Kenny

CAAL 2009 Rowe KennyYouTube

pdf linkPresentation (in French)

French Proficiency Development and FSL Teacher Education Programs – Usha Viswanathan and Anna Faraone

CAAL 2009 Viswanathan FaraoneYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

Assessment for learning: Investigating assessment used to serve learning in an L2 classroom – Christian Colby-Kelly

CAAL 2009 COLBY KELLY ChristianYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

Raising FLAGS: Renewing Core French at the Pre-Service Teacher Level – Wendy Carr

CAAL 2009 CARR WendyYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

Un portfolio langagier: Les étudiants d’immersion se révèlent (A Language Portfolio: Immersion Students Prove Themselves) – Lucille Mandin

CAAL 2009 MANDIN LucilleYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

Intercultural Competence and Second Language Teaching in Canada – Karen Ragoonaden and Grisel García-Pérez

CAAL 2009 Ragoonaden Garcia PerezYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

Problems and solutions in Teaching ESL Students to Write Concisely – Jim Hu

CAAL 2009 HU JimYouTube

pdf linkPresentation

De l’apport des techniques de jeu à la formation des maîtres: Le point de vue de futurs enseignants d’ALS – Mariane Gazaille, Marie-Josée Plouffe, Dominique Gagnon, Karine Gauthier and Edith McClintock

CAAL 2009 GAZAILLE et alYouTube

pdf linkPresentation (in French)

Teachers Collaborating to Meet Students' Linguistic Needs: A Bilingual Initiative – Laura Collins

CAAL 2009 COLLINS LauraYouTube

pdf linkPresentation (in English with some French)


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