CASLT has formalized partnerships with many national, provincial, and international organizations that have complementary goals in order to work together to provide a cohesive voice in promoting the advancement of second language education in Canada. The exchange of expertise, the networking opportunities, the increased communication of pan-Canadian projects and trends informs educators and improves professional excellence.


Provincial Partners


AQEFLSAssociation québécoise des enseignants de français langue seconde (AQEFLS)


BCTMLBritish Columbia Association of Teachers of Modern Languages (BCATML) 


CDLICentre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI)


ÉFMÉducatrices et éducateurs francophones du Manitoba (ÉFM)


IHLAInternational and Heritage Languages Association (IHLA)


MATF-AMPFManitoba Association of Teachers of French (MATF)


NBTANew Brunswick Teachers’ Association (NBTA)


NSLTA-AELNENova Scotia Language Teachers Association (NSLTA)


OMLTA-AOPLVOntario Modern Language Teachers’ Association (OMLTA)


SAHLASouthern Alberta Heritage Languages Association (SAHLA)


SATF-APFSSaskatchewan Association of Teachers of French (SATF)


SLICSecond Languages and Intercultural Council (SLIC)


SPEAQSPEAQ (Society for the Promotion of the Teaching of English as a Second Language in Quebec)


TESL-NBTeachers of English as a Second Language of New Brunswick (TESL NB)


National Partners


ACPIAssociation canadienne des professeurs d’immersion (ACPI)


CAJLECanadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE)


ACLA-CAALCanadian Association of Applied Linguistics (CAAL)


CMLR-RCLVCanadian Modern Language Review (CMLR)


CPFCanadian Parents for French (CPF)


CTF-FCECanadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF)


EWC-RDCEncounters with Canada (EWC)


FrenchFuture-FrancaisAvenirFrench for the Future


ExperiencesCanada formerly SEVECExperiences Canada


International Partners


ACTFLAmerican Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)


ECML-CELVEuropean Centre for Modern Languages (ECML)


FIPFFédération internationale des professeurs de français (FIPF)


FIPLVFIPLV (International Federation of Language Teacher Associations)


Other Partners


CERLLCentre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies (CERLL)


IISLEInstitute for Innovation in Second Language Education (IISLE) at Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB)


ILOB-OLBIOfficial Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI), University of Ottawa


L2RIC-IRL2CSecond Language Research Institute of Canada (L2RIC)



We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada


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