Literature Review on the Impact of Second-Language Learning

Literature Review on the Impact of Second-Language Learning

The launch of this literature review took place during the Languages Without Borders (LWB) pre-conference roundtable on the Impact of Second Language Learning.

In 2016, the Second Languages and Intercultural Council (SLIC) of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, in partnership with the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT), initiated a review of the literature to examine the impacts of second language learning. SLIC and CASLT collaborated with the University of Calgary’s Language Research Centre and called upon Dr. Mary Grantham O’Brien to oversee this project. Dr. Grantham O’Brien and her team of researchers reviewed the recent literature in the following areas: cognition, academics, personal life, society at large, economics, and intercultural understanding. SLIC and CASLT are excited to launch this review with the latest findings from cutting-edge research to LWB conference attendees.

Literature Review Literature Review

Executive Summary Executive Summary

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