We believe in the power of language learning to build community and intercultural connections. We know that learning a language also involves learning about the cultures and histories of its speakers. In the face of Russia’s war and genocide against Ukraine and Ukrainians, we wish to support Ukrainian language teachers and learners in Canada. In addition to teaching the Ukrainian language, their work is crucial to promoting knowledge and understanding of Ukrainian history, culture, and values.

We would therefore like to offer free CASLT memberships to Ukrainian language teachers in Canada.

Claiming a Free Membership

To claim their free membership, Ukrainian language teachers should email CASLT’s Communications Coordinator, Solomiya Ostapyk, at communications@caslt.org. Solomiya will provide a free discount code and registration instructions.

We sincerely hope Ukrainian language teachers will consider accepting this offer of free CASLT membership. Please share this message with any Ukrainian language teachers in Canada you may know.


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CASLT supports its members by creating opportunities for professional development, initiating and disseminating research, and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among language educators. Memberships start at only $45 per year!

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