CASLT has recently received funding approval from Canadian Heritage to execute a project aimed at strengthening French as a second language (FSL) teachers’ sense of self-efficacy and identity. It will:

  • Build community around FSL teaching
  • Combat isolation in the FSL profession
  • Help teachers grow their pedagogical and linguistic knowledge

CASLT is seeking an instructor to plan, develop, and implement a six-week synchronous online course for FSL teachers on finding, evaluating, and creating learning resources for the FSL classroom. Course parameters include:

  • Up to 24 students per cohort
  • Two 60-minute lessons per week
  • Weekly course assignments (e.g., readings, videos, reflections) to be completed by students
  • One final student assessment evaluated by the instructor
  • Certificates of completion

After delivery, the course content will be modified for asynchronous learning and added to the CASLT CoLab.

CASLT Responsibilities

CASLT will:

  • Establish a steering committee to select the instructor, identify essential elements and criteria, and ensure the quality and relevance of deliverables. This committee will also offer ongoing support and feedback to the instructor.
  • Coordinate logistics of the online course, including promotion, registration, communication with students, and issuance of certificates of completion.
  • Provide any necessary production support, including copyediting, translation, and proofreading of the final draft; graphic design; and integration in the CASLT CoLab.
  • Promote the course to FSL educators and stakeholders.

Instructor Responsibilities

The instructor will:

  • Consult various sources (e.g., reports, surveys, associations, second-language education faculties, researchers, and experts) to identify key themes, research-informed practices, and resources based on the themes above.
  • Develop the course outline, objectives, outcomes, and content and submit them to the steering committee for feedback.
  • Revise course content according to feedback provided by the steering committee.
  • Deliver the course virtually according to the above parameters, ensuring that all sessions are recorded.
  • Support CASLT in modifying course content for asynchronous learning.


Deadline for proposals:

December 9, 2022

Deadline to submit the final draft of all content:

March 31, 2023

The course must be delivered between September 2023 and March 2024, to be determined jointly between the contractor and CASLT.


The instructor honorarium includes the following:

  • Course Development (including adaptation to asynchronous learning): $8,000
  • Course Delivery and Assessment: $2,000


Proposals must include a work plan with a timeline, a copy of the applicant’s CV, and a brief letter of intent. Please email proposals with “RFP: Course on finding, evaluating, and creating FSL learning resources” in the subject line.

Deadline to submit:

December 9, 2022

Have any questions?

Consult the FAQ page. Note that questions will be posted and answered in the language in which they were asked.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at:


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