A CCV is usually a one-day professional development session centered on a theme designed by CASLT or based on a particular subject you can explore through the expertise of a selected presenter. A CCV aims to:

There are two types of CCV days:

CASLT workshop presenters are selected based on the topics requested by the hosting body. An Expert Series session would be negotiated with an appropriate CASLT member based on their availability.

A CCV is offered in partnership with a local organization. Hosting bodies can be a university, a provincial second language association, a school board, or the provincial or territorial department of education, for example. CASLT works with the hosting body to ensure that the program of the day reflects the needs and interests of the participants.

The specific program of the day will be developed with the hosting body. Topics for CCV sessions can include:

All CCV participants receive CASLT membership for the following year. When a Hosting Body is also a member-based organization, participants receive dual membership for both associations. The costs of membership are included in the CCV registration fees.

Please complete the CASLT Chez-Vous request form and return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..