The FSL Teacher Education Consortium is comprised of CASLT (the sponsor organization) and teams of research experts from three Canadian Faculties of Education:

University of Ottawa (EducLang – Education and Languages Research Group)

University of British Columbia (Department of Language and Literacy Education)

University of New Brunswick (L2RIC – Second Language Research Institute of Canada)

  • Each university’s team of researchers will focus on different provinces and territories, allowing for insights, findings, and recommendations unique to the context.
  • This consortium offers a feasible way to reach the following goals:
    • Realize the aims of this pan-Canadian study in the short-term
    • Build productive partnerships with Canadian faculties of education over the long-term
    • Optimize FSL education on a national level
  • Ongoing roundtable events are planned over the next two years to gather feedback on the research project, recruit representatives from faculties of education to participate in the study, and build a strong sense of community around this important topic. The ultimate goal of this roundtable stage is to expand the FSL Teacher Education Consortium beyond the timeline of the research study.

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