If you work in the field of FSL Education as part of a Faculty of Education or school board, or if you are a new FSL teacher in the first five years of your career, you are eligible to participate in this study!

Our goal is to document what you identify as strengths, challenges and opportunities regarding FSL teacher preparation, mentorship and retention.

Your participation involves taking part in a SURVEY and/or FOCUS GROUP.

The survey will take approximately 30–45 minutes to complete, and the link will be active until March 31st 2021.

The focus group will involve around 4–8 participants and one moderator, and will be audio-recorded. It should last around 75 minutes. In the group, you will be asked to talk about issues in FSL teacher education from your particular perspective. The questions will relate to your perspectives and views and to your own individual experiences and practices related to FSL teacher education.

Please select the appropriate link below to participate in the SURVEY and/or to sign up for a FOCUS GROUP!

*New FSL teachers = those teaching in any FSL program (Core, Immersion, Extended, Intensive) AND who are in their first 5 years of teaching

Please share news about this exciting research within your networks!

View the survey consent form.

View the focus group consent form.

We have received ethical approval from the three consortium universities to conduct this research.

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