Excellence in teaching languages.


CASLT fosters and advances professional excellence in language teaching in Canada. CASLT supports its members by promoting the advancement of language learning and teaching throughout Canada, creating opportunities for professional learning, initiating and disseminating research, and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among language educators.

CASLT Values

  • The importance of languages and the diversity of cultures. We believe that the ability to communicate in two or more languages contributes to the full development of human potential.
  • The provision of quality educational opportunities for second language learners and the capability of every individual to learn a second or additional language according to their needs, interests, and abilities.
  • The awareness, appreciation, and understanding of second and additional language learning and teaching throughout Canada and beyond.
  • Networking among second language communities.
  • Cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity as an asset that is essential to Canadian identity.
  • Its members as a core principle of its mandate.
  • Research-informed practices and programs.
  • Building strong partnerships to achieve its mission.

CASLT at a Glance

Professional Learning

We believe in providing high-quality and accessible professional development opportunities to our members. From in-person sessions to webinars and online courses, we are here to help you further your teacher practice.

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Stay up to date and register for upcoming CASLT events. We also feature events from the wider Canadian L2 community.

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Our resources aim to help you improve your professional practice and expand your knowledge of the L2 field. Purchase resources or download free publications in our Boutique.

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Why Learn Languages?

Explore — and share — the benefits of learning languages. Download our “Languages Build…” Advocacy Toolkit to promote language learning to students, parents, and colleagues.

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CASLT supports the teaching and learning of ALL languages in Canada. For us, the phrase “second languages” encompasses official, Indigenous, and international/heritage languages.

We also believe in universal access to language-learning opportunities regardless of age, ability, exceptionalities, background, and socioeconomic status. CASLT advocates for equity and inclusion in second language programs offered across Canada.

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CASLT supports its members by creating opportunities for professional development, initiating and disseminating research, and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among language educators. Memberships start at only $45 per year!

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