What is a CCV?

Elevate your professional learning with a CASLT Chez Vous (CCV) workshop! A CCV is a one- or half-day professional learning session that can take place in-person or virtually. Centered on themes chosen by CASLT or shaped by the expertise of a selected presenter, CCVs are crafted to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide customized, local opportunities for professional growth based on the latest teaching practices and strategies
  • Spark teacher motivation by delving into innovative and research-based practices
  • Address the critical need for accessible and relevant professional learning opportunities for language teachers

CCV Topics

Our workshops are designed to provide practical, research-backed strategies for language teachers. CCVs can address a wide range of relevant subjects for language teachers and administrators, including the following:

  • Effective integration of technology to leverage learning
  • Innovative strategies to improve learners’ oral proficiency
  • Creating a safe and inclusive learning environment to boost learners’ confidence
  • Inclusion and differentiation: strategies for supporting every learner
  • Language teaching approaches, including the Action-Oriented Approach, plurilingualism, comprehensible input, inquiry-based learning, and more
  • Dynamic leadership strategies for supporting and empowering teachers
  • Decolonizing and Indigenizing language teaching practices
  • Applications for the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and Portfolio for Languages
  • And much more!

CCV Presenters

Workshop presenters are carefully selected based on the topic(s) requested by the host organization. The host organization may also request a specific presenter (subject to that presenter’s availability and expertise on the workshop topic).

Who Can Request a CCV?

A CCV is offered in partnership with a local organization, such as a university, a language teacher association, a school board, or a provincial or territorial department of education.

CASLT collaborates closely with the host organization to curate a program tailored to participants’ unique needs and interests and ensure a customized and enriching experience.

How Does It Work? A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. CCV Request: The host organization completes a CCV request form. Submissions must be made at least 8 weeks before the proposed CCV date. Requests sent less than 8 weeks prior to the date of the CCV may not be accepted.
  2. Initial Review: CASLT reviews the request within 3 business days and seeks any necessary clarifications from the host organization. If the request is approved, a list of potential presenters is then provided for the host organization’s consideration.
  3. Presenter Availability: Based on the host organization’s preferences, CASLT contacts the presenter(s) of choice to gauge their availability for the proposed workshop.
  4. Confirmation and Logistics: Once a presenter is confirmed, CASLT sends contracts to both the host organization and the presenter. This usually takes place within 20 business days after the initial CCV request. CASLT coordinates logistics for in-person sessions, including presenter travel and accommodations.
  5. Host Organization Responsibilities: The host organization takes charge of managing invitations and registrations, booking the venue, and/or providing the necessary videoconferencing platform.
  6. Workshop Delivery: The presenter delivers the CCV workshop(s) as scheduled. Following the session, participants are asked to complete a feedback survey to assess the effectiveness of the workshop.
  7. Participant List: The host organization sends a list of participants to CASLT.
  8. Billing and Memberships: CASLT reviews the participant list and sends the host organization an invoice based on the number of participants and their membership status (as outlined in the next section). CASLT memberships are created for all non-member participants.
  9. Presenter Honorarium: CASLT pays the presenter’s honorarium and related expenses.

Registration Fees


In Person


CASLT Member Full Day: $40.00
Half Day: $30.00
Full Day: $30.00
Half Day: $25.00

Registration fee includes a 1-year CASLT membership.

Full Day: $75.00
Half Day: $65.00
Full Day: $65.00
Half Day: $60.00
Full-Day CCV (5–8 hours)
Half-day CCV (3–4 hours)

All fees are subject to taxes.

Please complete the CASLT Chez-Vous Request Form at least 8 weeks (40 business days) prior to the intended date of the CCV.

Please direct any additional inquiries to our Projects and Professional Learning Coordinator:

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