Yasmina’s love of second-language learning began when she moved to Canada as a child and started in Grade 2 French Immersion. Graduating from high school with her bilingual diploma, she then studied French Immersion education in Regina and Québec. With her Bachelor of Education degree, she worked in French Immersion schools for 24 years as a teacher, teacher-librarian, and additional languages consultant. During this time, she also completed her Master of Education degree in Teacher-Librarianship.

Since then, Yasmina has been working as a French Immersion Education consultant for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. In this role, she leads the development of French Immersion language curricula and supports French Immersion teaching, learning, and programming in Saskatchewan schools. In her personal time, she enjoys travelling and continues to work on her Spanish language skills.

Having attended CASLT conferences and availed herself of many CASLT resources and supports over the years, Yasmina is honoured to now have the privilege of serving second-language teachers and learners across Canada.

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