Video: 50 Years of CASLT

Travel through CASLT’s history and learn about its development from a small team of volunteers to a multi-level organization that fosters and advances professional excellence in language teaching in Canada.

Celebration at AGM and Networking Day

CASLT members virtually celebrated the association’s 50th anniversary at the 2020 AGM and Networking Day.

50th Anniversary Issue of Réflexions

This special edition of Réflexions looks back at the association’s successes, challenges, and innovations over the past five decades. Reminisce with us and learn how CASLT has developed into the impressive organization it is today.

cover reflexions 2020-39-3

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CASLT Timeline

Explore CASLT milestones from its founding to the present day.

cover caslt timeline 1970-2020 en

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caslt timeline 1970 1974 en
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