h h stern award 2016Manon Jetté, 2016 H. H. Stern Award recipient

Our H. H. Stern Award is granted each year to support innovative classroom projects in second language learning. The award is named in memory of Dr. H. H. Stern in recognition of his contribution to second language instruction in Canada. Dr. H. H. Stern was a highly respected educator and the visionary initiator of the National Core French Study.

Do you have a project that needs financial support? Each H. H. Stern Award recipient receives a grant of $200 to $500, an award certificate, all expenses paid to attend the CASLT’s Annual General Meeting, and a free one-year CASLT membership.

Application Procedure

If you are a CASLT member, you can apply for the H. H. Stern Award. To be considered, your proposal must:

  • Be innovative through the application of new techniques, strategies, and/or approaches to learning
  • Identify the impact of the project in the classroom, school, or community
  • Demonstrate the related improvement in student language learning
  • Have the potential for duplication in other classrooms, schools, and communities
  • Include a brief plan for evaluating the innovation

Applications should include:

  • A completed application form clearly identifying the teaching level and the target second language, a short biography, and a current digital photograph
  • A complete project description answering the 5 focus questions
  • An endorsement by a colleague or supervisor related to the impact of the project

Download the application form.

Send your applications to CASLT’s National Office via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: Grants may be allocated to projects already in progress that have not previously received funding under this program. Applicants may not be funded for more than one project in the same school year. The awards are determined by a selection committee chosen by CASLT’s Board of Directors.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2016 – Manon Jetté
  • 2015 – Natasha E. Feghali
  • 2013 – Kelly MacNeil
  • 2012 – Sylvia Duckworth
  • 2011 – Mark Babin
  • 2010 – Sonya LeGresley
  • 2009 – Ursula Diem
  • 2008 – Monique Myers
  • 2007 – Julie Rousseau
  • 2007 – Evelyn Moores
  • 2007 – Timma Blain
  • 2007 – James Murphy
  • 2006 – Jan Claes
  • 2005 – Kimberly A. MacDonald
  • 2005 – Nicole Roy
  • 2004 – Wendy Maxwell
  • 2004 – Karn Laursen
  • 2004 – Kim Siegfriedt
  • 2003 – Carolyn Stacey
  • 2003 – Helen Coburn
  • 2003 – Yvonne Dufault
  • 2002 – Helen Coburn
  • 2002 – Normand Gaudreault
  • 2002 – Kezia Stever
  • 2001 – Yvonne Dufault
  • 2001 – Kevin Flynn
  • 2000 – Kezia Stever and Janet Arsenault

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