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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canada’s Official Languages Act, CASLT launched the Languages Build… Video Contest. Participants of all ages were asked to submit videos sharing their stories of how learning one or both official languages impacted or changed their lives. Participants demonstrated how Canada’s official languages can enrich, empower, and enable all Canadians.

We were impressed by the breadth and depth of the videos and by the participants’ efforts to commemorate the anniversary of the Official Languages Act, especially during the unprecedented times of COVID-19. CASLT received videos highlighting the impact languages can have on personal and societal levels in areas including cognition, academic achievement, intercultural competencies, and the economy. The videos also explained how students with exceptionalities can benefit from bilingualism, and how bilingualism helps with the acquisition of additional languages.

To participate in the next contest, stay tuned for the 2021 launch date!

2020 Winning Videos

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

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