The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) is committed to finding creative ways to enhance knowledge in the field of second language teaching, including through initiating, supporting, and disseminating research on second language teaching and learning. CASLT is seeking to collaborate on L2 research projects as a “community partner” as defined in Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) funding criteria.

Through CASLT’s Research Partnership Program (RPP), researchers and institutions planning to submit a grant proposal to SSHRC in the field of second or additional language teaching and acquisition can submit a partnership proposal to CASLT.

Partner With Us

The purpose of the RPP is to:

  • Expand knowledge and current research on second language pedagogy
  • Support research and researchers in the field of second language teaching and acquisition
  • Foster concrete links between researchers and their institutions and CASLT and its membership

Targeted Funding Programs

CASLT may contribute to a project financially, in kind, or both. The value of CASLT’s contribution will vary according to project needs and CASLT capacity.

SSRHC grant programs that are eligible for CASLT’s RPP include, but are not limited to, the following:

Eligible Grant Recipients

Researchers, teams of researchers, or research institutions that can demonstrate eligibility to apply for SSHRC funding are eligible for the RPP.

Research Questions

Topics and research questions should be linked to CASLT initiatives and areas of support, such as:

  • The CEFR and language portfolio
  • Intensive language programs
  • Multiliteracies
  • International languages
  • Assessment
  • Differentiation and inclusion
  • Intercultural competency
  • Teacher education programs
  • Oral language proficiency and development
  • School-based leadership to support second language programs

Application Requirements

Applications must include:

  • A cover letter from the project leader
  • A brief description of the project based on the Research Project Description Template
  • A budget plan
  • A CV for each team member
  • A letter of recommendation from the project leader’s director or supervisor


There are four deadlines for submitting partnership proposals to CASLT:

  • February 28: for projects being submitted to SSHRC no earlier than the following June 1
  • May 31: for projects being submitted to SSHRC no earlier than the following September 1
  • August 31: for projects being submitted to SSHRC no earlier than the following December 1
  • November 30: for projects being submitted to SSHRC no earlier than the following March 1

Applicants should be prepared to wait up to 120 days to receive a response.

RPP applications must be submitted a minimum of 3 months prior to the date at which the project will be submitted to SSHRC. This will allow time to assemble the adjudicators, assess the proposal, and determine CASLT’s capability to contribute to the project.

Apply to the RPP

Research Project Description Template



Context Describe the nature of the learning/teaching context.
Area of Interest Within which broad L2 learning topic does your proposed research project fall?
(E.g., use of the CEFR, the Language Portfolio, assessment, implementation of intensive language programs, etc.)
Research Question What question about language teaching and learning does your team wish to investigate?
Research Ethics What is your plan for the ethics review process at your institution? If you already have approval from a Research Ethics Board (REB), please indicate it.
Research Design / Methodology What exactly will you do?
(E.g.: describe your research plan)
Data Collection What data collection methods will you use to monitor and evaluate the impact of the project?
(E.g., interviews, surveys, documentary, focus groups, classroom observation notes, video clips , etc.)
Research Mobilization and Dissemination How, where, and to whom will you present the findings?
Timeline Outline the timeline for the project. When will you start? What are the key benchmarks? When will you conclude? When will you communicate results?

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