You and five other staff members of your organization will receive individual memberships to CASLT. Our Institutional Membership is a great way for organizations to offer their staff access to resources and support for only $250 per year.

Institutional Membership Benefits

  • Register you and up to 5 staff members who will receive all benefits of an individual membership
  • One free CASLT resource of your choice for institutional use
  • 50% off individual purchases of CASLT resources
  • 60% off bulk purchases of CASLT resources
  • 50% off your first ad in Réflexions and 10% off on subsequent ads throughout the year
  • Free subscription to our professional magazine, Réflexions (3 issues per year)
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Access to the member-only content on CASLT’s website
  • Copy of the Language Teacher Calendar
  • Preferred subscription rate to the Canadian Modern Language Review (CMLR)
  • Eligibility for all of CASLT’s awards
  • The Personal Home and Auto Group Insurance Program

Become a member or renew your membership to CASLT.

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