CEFR Research Agenda Project (2014–2015)

This project, initiated by CASLT in late 2013, was led by Stephanie Arnott (University of Ottawa). The committee includes Marnie Beaudoin (Edmonton Public Schools), Sharon Lapkin (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education), and Miles Turnbull (Bishop’s University). The project is composed of a number of milestones, one of which was the creation of a CEFR online sharing site called the CEFR Forum CECR. This site features three virtual spaces: one with information on the project (goals, roles, rationale, etc.); a second (Sharing Space) for sharing resources (books, videos, URLs, etc.); and a third (Discussion Forum) for questions, ideas, and discussions on CEFR-related research. The CEFR Forum CECR was originally created and used for the research component of the project (over 40 researchers across Canada). The site is now open to the larger community of stakeholders interested in implementing the CEFR across the country.

Brief presented to the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages (2013)

pdf link Report

Comparution devant le Comité permanent des langues officielles de la Chambre des Communes (2013)

pdf link Report (French only)

Stakeholders’ Meeting on the Implementation of CEFR in Canada (2011)

pdf link Facilitator’s report prepared by Dr. Miles Turnbull

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