Languages Build Video Contest Winners

2024 Winners

From January to March 2024, we invited language learners across Canada to create videos that share how learning an additional language has helped “build” their identity, personality, or society. Congratulations to the 2024 contest winners!

Grand Prize Winners

Jeanne Liendo’s class (Spanish)

Rachel Su (French)

Dr. Rosanne Abdulla’s EDUC 5615 class (French)

First Runners-Up

Lauren-Rose Stunell’s class (French, English, and other languages)

Alana Wong, Venissa Dai, Zoe Yuen, Charlie Chen, and Ryan Kong (French)

Liam McGovern (French)

Second Runners-Up

Annette Warren’s class (French)

Esther Klassen and Alysha Wiebe (German)

Lila Sanchez (French)

2023 Winners

Grand Prize Winners

Laun Shoemaker’s Kindergarten Class (French)

Sophia Behar (Chinese and Spanish)

Dylan Vinette (French)

First Runners-Up

Amelia, Maya, and Vinnie (French)

Laura Sie (French, Indonesian, Spanish, and Portuguese)

Second Runner-Up

Chiara Frangione (French)

2022 Winners

Grand Prize Winners

Angelo and Pelle (Mandarin)

Karla Ramirez (English)

Sophia Xiao (French and Spanish)

Brittany Morgan’s Class (French)

Erica Molinaro’s Class (French)

First Runners-Up

Nethra, Natalie, Ibrahim, and Elias (French)

Kyana Lim (French)

Krisalyn, Joanna, and Yeonsoo (Mandarin)

Adrienne, Talyss, Kylie, Carolyn, and Keighlagh (Irish)

Erin Dawe’s Class (French and Cree)

Kindra Harte’s Class (French)

Second Runners-Up

Gabrielle Ghafari (French)

Maria, Ysabelle, Carter, and Lana (Filipino)

Sikora Decker (Japanese)

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