Writers’ Guidelines

Our members look to Réflexions for current articles on inspiring theories and practices related to language teaching. They must be based on research, summarize research projects, present effective programs and practices, or report on current language-related news or events. Our members expect articles that are interesting, thought-provoking, timely, practical, informative, concise, complete, and current. We offer no payment for articles by professional educators.

CASLT’s editorial committee reviews each submission to determine its suitability for the magazine. If your article is accepted, it will be copyedited and translated. Articles received after a submission deadline may be held over for a future issue. Authors will receive a timeline for the issue in which their article will appear.

Themes of 2023 Issues

Each of the 2023 issues of Réflexions (volume 42) will have an overarching theme. When submitting an article for consideration, please specify for which theme or issue you are submitting.



Example Topics

February 2023
Emerging Trends in Language Teaching Research and Practice
  • Updates on L2 research projects
  • Collaborations between university researchers and L2 teacher practitioners
  • Classroom action research by practicing language teachers
May 2023
Professional Learning in Language Teaching
  • Innovative new projects and programs in L2 teacher education programs
  • Reviews and reflections on current professional learning opportunities (workshops, provincial conferences, CASLT Chez-Vous sessions, webinars, etc.)
  • Reviews of professional books or podcasts for L2 professional learning
  • Opportunities for mentorship as lifelong professional learning
October 2023
Decolonizing and Indigenizing Language Teaching Practices
  • Updates on Indigenous language revitalization projects and programs
  • Decolonizing practices in language teaching classrooms that create space for the inclusion of diverse backgrounds and languages
  • Articles/stories from the field regarding the integration of Indigenous worldviews and resources in the L2 classroom
Length, Audience, and Style

We look for brief articles (1,150 words maximum) that will be helpful to language educators.

Our primary audiences are:

  • Practising language classroom teachers (English and French as a second/additional language, Indigenous languages, and international/heritage languages)
  • Researchers and teacher educators in language teaching and learning in various university settings
  • Pre-service teachers enrolled in faculties of education across the country
  • School administrators, L2 consultants and coordinators, education ministry staff, etc.
  • Those with an interest in language learning development

We prefer articles written in an informal, conversational style. We are not looking for conventional research reports or term papers. Executive summaries of research articles are preferred over longer dissertations. Writers should emphasize what they have learned from their experience and the implications of these discoveries for second language teachers. We will prioritize articles highlighting new and effective programs that result in improvements in second-language teaching and learning.


References and in-text citations should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition style. Authors bear full responsibility for the accuracy of citations, quotations, and information supplied for graphs/charts and figures.


We encourage the use of images, graphs/charts, and figures to illustrate key points. All images must also be provided as separate files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Within your article file, please include:

  • A suggested caption for each photograph
  • A caption for each graph/chart or figure that briefly describes the data presented

Writers are responsible for obtaining written permission from the subjects of submitted photographs.

Submission Guidelines

Articles should be submitted to communications@caslt.org. We will acknowledge receipt via email.

Please include:

  • A copy of your article in .docx, .doc, .odt, or .rtf format
  • All images
    • Inserted in the document where they should appear in the published article AND
    • In separate files attached to the email submission (minimum resolution of 300 dpi)
  • Your phone number
  • A short author biography (50 words maximum)
  • An author photo (minimum resolution of 300 dpi)

If your article has more than one author, include a short biography and photo of each author.

Article Submission Deadlines



No. 1 (February) December 1
No. 2 (May) March 1
No. 3 (October) August 1

Upon acceptance of their submission, the author(s) hereby grant(s), transfer(s), and assign(s) to CASLT the right to print, publish, sell, disseminate, and otherwise utilize the work.

For greater certainty, it is specifically understood and accepted by the parties that, except as otherwise agreed to in writing, the author(s) shall not be entitled to receive royalties or any other benefit from the submission after it has been provided.

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