Languages Build PersonalityHow Languages Build Personality:

  • Learning second (or multiple) languages leads to enhanced communicative abilities, including the use of verbal and nonverbal skills, perspective-taking skills and interpersonal understanding.
  • Learning a second language enhances creative ability by promoting unique problem solving, flexibility and creative thinking.
  • Learning a second language can contribute to increased connection to cultural identity and family history, and facilitate communication with relatives.
  • Knowing a second language can act as a source of pride and self-esteem.
  • Second-language learning strengthens tolerance of ambiguity and awareness of different cultural perspectives and practices.
  • Study abroad and language exchange programs often lead to enhanced second-language abilities. They also motivate students to seek expanded job and travel opportunities, and they contribute to feelings of independence, maturity, patience and flexibility.

The above statements come from the Literature on the Impact of Second-Language Learning (2017).

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